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Feel Good Nutrition & Fitness combines innovation, convenience, privacy and personalization to deliver comprehensive diet and fitness plans right to your desktop or in person. We understand that no single diet or fitness regimen is right for everyone. That's why they've developed a vast selection of plans that can be further customized to perfectly suit your individual needs. Feel Good Nutrition & Fitness
provides you with a personalized nutrition
and/or fitness plan to suit your needs


"After I had a bout of Pancreatitis, I contacted Alec to prepare a plan that would both ease me back into a normal diet and help me gain strength, in preparation for a summer of triathlons and mountain climbing. What I received was timely, functional advice that was practical and understandable. No products were pushed and there was no pressure to act. He was always available and willing to answer my follow-up questions promptly without charging me for each contact. Alec is exceptionally knowledgeable and has the ability to transfer that knowledge to clients in terms that can be understood and used. His advice has definitely helped with my recovery and conditioning." - Craig

“I really enjoyed being exposed to tempeh and tofu. It sparked my interest in vegetarianism and showed me that I can cook healthy foods that taste great too.” - Joseph