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Feel Good Nutrition & Fitness combines innovation, convenience, privacy and personalization to deliver comprehensive diet plans right to your desktop or in person. We understand that no single diet is right for everyone. That's why they've developed a vast selection of plans that can be further customized to perfectly suit your individual needs. Feel Good Nutrition &
provides you with personalized
menus, fitness
plans support!


As I tell everyone, we are a nutrition first gym and make sure we put that at the forefront of everything we do. But with that said we think pretty highly of lifting heavy stuff and breaking a sweat too! We offer a range of packages designed to suit everyone’s individual needs. Want an awesome training plan, but can’t make it to the facility? No problem, we can do that over the internet or phone. Feel that your diet is in check, but need some help with your squat pattern? Boom, we’ve got you covered. Maybe you’re new to all of this or are just flat out confused about what to do because of all the conflicting information floating out there on the interwebs. We can set the record straight and hook you up by helping you with your diet and your fitness program.

Our nutrition package is just $149/month and includes:

• Initial, comprehensive look into your previous and current nutrition habits as well as
  overall health history background
• 4, 30-45 minute follow-up sessions per month
• Lifestyle, habit based goals for you to follow. No gimmicks or quick fixes, this is for the long haul!
• Email and phone support to answer any questions you may have

Fitness packages start as low as less than $50 per session and include:

• Functional Movement Screen designed to detect imbalances so that we can design a program
  that is 100% individualized to your specific stage of fitness
• Comprehensive nutrition evaluation from a Registered Dietitian designed to detect any nutrient
  deficiencies and to answer any nutrition questions you may have
• Personalized fitness program every 4 weeks geared toward your goals.
  Oh, and we try to make it fun too!
• The watchful eye of our badass and fun trainers to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience

For complete package pricing, please contact Feel Good Nutrition & Fitness directly at 317-459-7090 or user our contact form to contact Registered Dietitian and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Alec Smith.